In addition to our ambulatory services, Southern Equine is able to care for our equine patients in our hospital setting as well. Our clinic facility is equipped to house daytime outpatients, healthy pre and post surgical patients as well as sick patients.

Our hospital is also in the process of expanding onto the neighboring property. Once the new facility is built, we will be able to manage even more sport medicine and reproduction cases at our in-house location.

+ Intensive and Critical Care

Some sick horses have conditions that are difficult to manage on the farm either due to physcial set up or the treatment demands of the case itself. We have 8 stalls set-up for fluid administration and all of our stalls are equipped with camera monitoring.

+ Medical Cases

Some cases require more treatments than the farm can reasonably provide at the farm. Our clinic is staffed 24 hours a day to provide around the clock care for patients and provide the added benefit of daily observation by one or more veterinarians. Such cases include eye cases with treatments every 2 hours even through the night, patients on IV fluids, and wound care.

+ Pre and Post Surgery and Imaging

We have stalls avaliable to house patients overnight before and after surgery or imaging procedures. This allows us to control and monitor feeding before and after procedures. In the case of Bone Scan patients, we have a dedicated area where the horse can be isolated until all of the radioactive material is cleared and the horse is safe to go home.

+ Reproduction and Foal Watch

Stalls are available to mares being bred without and without foals by their side. We also have foaling stalls available and are equipped with a foal alert system. High risk foalings are monitored 24 hours by our staff and licensed veterinarians are present at all in-house foalings.

+ Isolation

We are able to house a limited number of horses that require quarantine for health reasons. The most common cases we see for this are diarrhea, fever, and respiratory disease. Our Isolation facility allows us to provide the neccessary care to treat these patients while minimizing the risk of spreading contagious diseases.