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Horses can encounter health issues just as any other type of pet can. Fortunately, the great majority of these issues can be prevented through good management and regular wellness checks. If your horse is showing signs of a health problem, early diagnosis and treatment gives him/her the best chance for recovery. Horse owners will be pleased to know that our clinic can provide the necessary care for everything their horse needs.

+ Wellness/Vaccination

Although a physical examination on a normal horse may seem brief, it provides your veterinarian with information of the overall function of your horse’s body systems. For healthy adult horses, these examinations are often performed at the time of their annual vaccine boosters. We also recommend examinations for geriatric horses, foals, and mares prior to breeding.


Annual boosters of the AAEP recommended core vaccines are recommended for all age groups after the initial series. Additional “at-risk” vaccinations may also be recommended for horses who travel, are pregnant, or have an increased risk of exposure.

Horses have different dietary requirements depending on their performance level, age, and metabolism. We offer nutrition consultations to help you better meet your horse’s dietary needs, whether they are working at peak performance level, young and still growing, or geriatric.

+ Fecal Analysis/Deworming

It wasn’t too long ago, rotational deworming was recommended to reduce parasite resistance. But recent studies have shown that deworming based on fecal egg counts (FEC) and shedding density is preferred to reduce parasite burden. We offer FEC testing to our clients and give recommendations for deworming each horse based on the results.

+ Coggins Testing/Health Certificates

Coggins tests are recommended for travel and/or change of ownership. This test screens for Equine Infectious Anemia, a highly infectious disease that cannot be treated. Negative results are required prior to interstate travel.

A certificate of veterinarian health inspection is required to cross state lines. The reason for this is to reduce the spread of infectious disease.