Numbers Are In....


By: Ben Mitchell, DVM

The Equine Disease Communication Center recently posted their 2018 Disease Report Update and the numbers are shocking. The EDCC is a communication system used to alert the equine industry against infectious diseases. With the help of their sponsors, state veterinarians, state animal health officials, and private practitioners the EDCC can report multiple disease outbreaks to the public. Also, the EDCC only releases information confirmed with laboratory diagnostics.

Keep in my mind different states have different requirements for reporting disease outbreaks, so actually there may be more disease outbreaks than reported. Several of the diseases have not only been reported in South Carolina but also in neighboring states like North Carolina and Georgia.

Vaccines are important and can help prevent your horse from becoming one of these statistics. This is why we veterinarians strongly recommend vaccinating your horse(s) twice a year and test for EIA via Coggins at least once a year.

Please call our office if your horse(s) are not up to date on their vaccines and Coggins. We will be glad to help and answer any questions you may have.

Southern Equine Service