Attention all USEF Riders! Important Rule Change!

by Jen Reda DVM

Effective December 1st , horses that have Cushing’s disease (also known as PPID) and take Prascend (pergolide) are eligible for a therapeutic use exemption to continue taking their Prascend while showing.  Currently the USEF rule states that horses must be pulled off of Prascend 24 hours prior to competition.  This does not benefit the horse as he or she can experience increased ACTH levels and thus increased levels of the body’s own steroid production during that time.  It is much better to take the Prascend consistently and thus avoid any uncontrolled spikes in hormone and steroid levels, and USEF is amending their rules to that effect.

To qualify for a therapeutic use exemption, the owner/trainer must submit veterinary records including specific proof of a Cushing’s diagnosis and the horse’s medical records.  A veterinary panel will then review the records and grant the therapeutic use exemption--USEF states that this process may take up to 30 days. 

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Link to Image  : Santa Cruz Animal Health

Link to Image : Santa Cruz Animal Health

Overall, this is great news for our older show horses as they will now legally be able to show under USEF rules while taking their Prascend!  Let us know at Southern Equine if you need your horse’s proof of Cushing’s testing or medical records, and we are happy to help you get started with obtaining the therapeutic use exemption for your show horse.

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