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LamenessSouthern Equine Service provides full lameness exams and cutting edge treatments for our patients. All the doctors understand the need for a complete clinical lameness exam to diagnosis the lameness. We also use regional anesthesia (blocking) to pinpoint the location of the lameness. We see horses of all different degrees of lameness and base our exam on how lame the horse is. We often do lameness exam on sound working competition horses to make sure they are as sound as they could be or to find any weakness they are developing. Once we pinpoint the location of the lameness we use one of our diagnostic imaging modalities to diagnose the cause for the lameness. Once we have a diagnosis, we come up with treatment options and assist the owner in making the best treatment decision for his/her situation and horse.

Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy: Shockwaves are high energy acoustic waves with high amplitude. Shockwave increases blood supply to affected areas and promotes linear pattern of healing in tendons and ligaments. It also decreases pain via incomplete analgesia. We find it most effective when we combine shockwave therapy with other treatments such as PRP. Common injuries treated successfully with extracorporeal shockwave: tendonitis, muscle strains, chronic wounds, ringbone, suspensory desmitis, kissing spine, navicular pain, and tendon avulsions. Our shockwave therapy usually consists of 3 treatments 2 weeks apart.

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