Pre-purchase Examinations

Pre-Purchase   SES offers pre-purchase examinations for prospective buyers. The pre-purchase examination includes a full physical exam, a soundness exam, an EIA (coggins) test, and we hold frozen serum up to 6 months for future drug screening. We offer radiograph packages (link) and are happy to do any other diagnostics a client may want such as endoscopy, blood work(CBC and chemistry), or a drug screening at additional charges. If the prospective buyer can not be present for the exam, we always communicate with him/her to discuss any findings and how he/she would like to proceed. We can email or burn a CD of radiographs taken during the pre-purchase exam for the prospective buyer. We type up a report of all the findings from the exam and send that to the prospective buyer. We can perform pre-purchase exams here at the clinic or out on the road whatever is most convenient for the buyer and seller.

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