Dentistry Equine dentistry is a very important aspect of equine health. Horses' teeth continually erupt throughout their lifetime. Some common dental problems such as waves(unevenness seen with premolars and molars from front and back), ramps(overgrowth of premolars or molars) or hooks (overgrowth on edge of tooth) may be caused by the way the horse chews. Proper routine dental care can correct any problems and keep the horses in a balanced dental arcade. Young horses may have wolf teeth that can interfere with the bit and be uncomfortable. It is best to have the wolf teeth removed. A horse suffering from dental issues may have weight loss or poor body condition or may be tossing its head when being ridden. It is important for a horse to have a yearly dental exam. Southern Equine Service offers dental services. We have both hand floats and power floats. We sedate the horse and place a speculum in their mouth so we can get a good examination of all their teeth. We then carefully float the teeth so that the horse has a balanced arcade.

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